Glenda of Manhattan

Costumes and Designs

Glenda of Manhattan can create clothing and costumes for all time periods for weddings, Halloween, Purim, and other occasions. She has made designs not just for individuals but for groups too.

Glenda is happy to work with all sizes, as you can see in the photo of the "court jesters." She has been in business for 25 years, and combines her expertise and experience of working with people to select designs, fabrics & colors.

Let Glenda Perform Her Magic!


Purim costumes for the whole family by Glenda.
Small boy costume by Glenda.



Glenda created these little girls' recital costumes.



Glenda made these children's costues.






MC Hammer-styled costume created by Glenda.
Dreamy dance dress by Glenda.




Glenda recreates Wonder Woman costume.











Glenda can create outfits for all time periods.

Click here to see some of her 1920's style dresses and medieval costumes.

(Click on any photo on this page to enlarge it and see more of Glenda's expert work.)

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